Dennis Dogancay

Digital Designer


Cocoa Mediaproductions Oy

2019 - 2020

Digipeople Studio Oy

2018 - Present (freelance)

Ab LevelUp Oy

2016 - 2019

About me

I started playing around with motion graphics on my mom’s old computer. I think I was about 11 years old and I remember bashing my head on the computer chassis cause I couldn’t wrap my mind around the program.

8 years later I still face the same kind of challenges.
And with those challenges come solutions. It’s just a matter of finding them.
I don’t do much head-bashing anymore though

general workflow

For all my 3D graphics I use MAXON Cinema 4D. I later use OTOY Octane Render to export and render. Before I switched to Octane I used Chaos Group Vray. When it comes to post processing and color grading I use Photoshop CC for the most part, but sometimes I import to Magic Bullet Looks in After Effects to color grade. I also use After Effects to compose and edit videos. I personally rarely use Premiere as I find it easier to focus in After Effects. This obviously depends on the project at hand and the client. Sometimes I like to make the music featured in my videos/cinemagraphs. For music composition I use Ableton Live 9. I also have a fair amout of experience in FL Studio 12, as I used for around a year before switching to Ableton Live


Yrkesinstitut Prakticum

2016 - 2019

Lagstad skola

2013 - 2016

primary skills

Photoshop 90%
Cinema 4D 80%
After Effects 80%
Premiere 75%
Html & CSS 75%
Ableton 70%
Illustrator 70%

other skills

Octane render 90%
FL Studio 70%
DaVinci Resolve 60%
WordPress 50%
X-Particles 45%
Adobe Audition 40%
Logic Pro X 30%
Marvelous designer 30%
Daz 3D 30%
Redshift 10%
Houdini 10%
zBrush 5%

Andreas Hamberg

+358 50 324 0424

Daniel Nikander

+358 44 061 1618